The Benefits Of Buying hip hop Beats Online

Benefits of online rap beat buying

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Plenty of upcoming rap artists are flocking the net to purchase the rap beats or instruments. The internet is an excellent medium through which an artist can access quality beat by the click of a button. Therefore buying a rap beat online is an attractive option for an artist who is trying to establish himself in the music industry, not only is the quality beats easy to access but also more affordable as compared to those directly acquired from a studio. With that said here are the benefits of buying rap beats online.


Getting a professionally produced beat in the studio is not only expensive but also hectic, contrary to purchasing beats from the internet for which is more affordable and convenient. Most upcoming artists may not have enough funds for hiring a producer in a studio. Most producers always demand thousands of dollars for a beat which can be gotten online for less, thus, purchasing beats online is more affordable and convenient to an upcoming rapper.

Quality beats

There are plenty of talented producers selling their beats online and one advantage of using such people is that they produce quality beats in the end, while keeping in mind that one producer will be competing with other producers for your attention.

Saves time

Another advantage that comes with buying online rap beats is that you will save time that you would have spent moving from one studio to another. With Google search, you can access the top marketplaces for rap beats from where you can shop for a rap beat that fits your style. Buying beats online is a fast process and it begins with sampling, beat selection, the signing of an agreement, making of payments and downloading the beats.

Wide variety

The internet also has a broad range of rap beats considering the number of sites offering such a service. The choices available gives an artist a chance to experiment with various instruments until he can find the beat that can fit his flow, you can get the top rap beat websites by conducting a search on search engines like Google or Bing.


Besides being more affordable, buying of rap beats on the internet is convenient for an artist who is short of time and resources. With a click of a button, an artist can download quality beats. Thus, the convenience of spending less and not traveling to a physical location are plenty of reasons as to what makes purchasing of rap beats on the internet an option to consider.


Most sites with hip hop beats for sale often allow customers to sample the beats or listen to the preview so as to enable them to get the feel on whether the loop fit their style or not. Without testing, it becomes difficult to know whether the rap beat is of high quality or can fit their flow.

In conclusion, buying of rap beats online is a good option for an artist who is trying to make his name, in case you are looking to have a head start in rap industry then purchasing a quality rap beat online is something you need to consider.

Thank Goodness For Beat Selling Sites

A number of years ago if you someone had told me that I could buy rap beats online at a low price and spin them into hit songs I would not have believed it. But thanks to the growth of the Internet and the evolution of the music industry this has become a reality. Making high quality music is no longer a privilege that only the rich few can afford. To put things in perspective in the past the average price you had to pay a music producer to produce a high quality rap beat for you was $1,500. That is by no means a small fee, especially for an upcoming artist who doesn’t have the financial backing of a record label.

Fortunately due to the advent of beat selling sites the barrier of entry into the music industry has been lowered. Beat selling sites have changed the business of selling instrumental rap beats, and as a result more rap artists have been given the chance to express themselves and share their talent with the world. Instead of only giving you the option of buying a beat exclusively (as is the case with the traditional approach of selling beats) beat selling sites have adopted the licensing model. What this means is that you are given the option to either buy the beat with exclusive rights at a high price (normally ranging between $150 – $2,500) or simply lease the beats with limited rights at a lower price (normally anywhere from $5 – $35). 

Exclusive rights give you much more flexibility to modify, use, and distribute a beat. For example when you normally buy exclusive rights you are given the high quality separated WAV track-out files for a beat, which give you the ability to mix the beat as you see fit. So you can manipulate individual elements of the beat such as the snare drum, kick, bass, etc and get your song mixed professionally. You are also normally given full rights to distribute as many copies as you wish of a track you record using the beat.

Leasing rights vary. Most beat selling sites give you the option to lease a beat in MP3 format at a low price (normally called a standard lease). This type of lease normally puts a heavy restriction on the number of copies of a recording you can sell as well your ability to modify the beat. Some beat sites have a premium lease which is similar to the standard lease, the only difference being that with a premium lease you are allowed to sell more copies of your recording and you get a higher quality file (normally in WAV format).

This new business model has been a godsend for many artists. In fact one contemporary rapper who might not have experienced the success were it not for beat selling sites is Slim Jesus. He mentioned in a VladTV interview on YouTube that he bought an instrumental through an online beat selling site and recorded a song called “Drill Time”, which attracted a lot of attention and as a result he managed to book shows and tours.

The most popular beat selling platforms are SoundClick, BeatStars, and MyFlashStore. But don’t confine yourself to the popular platforms only. Some of the dopest rap, east coast, west coast, trap, and drill beats can be found on lesser known beat selling sites. After all at the end of the day what matters is the final product. Most music consumers are not too concerned with where you bought the beat or at how much you bought it for.